The young man that was chosen this week I’ve had the privilege of coaching since he started. Not only is he one of my youngest wrestlers but he has the determination and discipline of a ten year veteran and took 1st place this weekend in the Advanced bracket. 

Please join me in congratulating Wyatt Douglas as this weeks “Warrior of the Week”!! Good job Wyatt! We are all very proud of you. Keep up the hard work!! 👍🏼💪🏼    

 Coach Rod



Please join me in congratulating Tyler Staus for earning this weeks WOTW!      

Tyler is a second year wrestler who has grown and improved dramatically in the sport of wrestling. He has an extremely bright future in the sport and we are all very proud of him! Tyler placed 1st and 2nd in his first two tournaments this season and is very disciplined and focused in practice. Good job Tyler! Keep up the good work!      

Coach Rod.



Please join me in congratulating Liam Downes as this weeks Warrior of the Week!   

Liam has been wrestling for me for 4 years now and has grown tremendously. He is one of our Elite wrestlers and puts his heart and soul into every match and practice. He is one of those that is 100% dedicated to the sport on and off the mat.  Liam took 1st place this past weekend in one of our biggest tournaments of the year, beating and pulling off the upset of last years state champion. Liam has great work ethic and is an extremely respectful young man. He has a bright future in the sport and I see a soon to be State Champion in this young man.   Good job Liam! Coach is very proud of you and it is my pleasure coaching you each and every week. Keep up the awesome work! 💪🏼  

Coach Rod



Please join me in congratulating Cierra Elderbaum as earning Warrior of the Week.

Cierra is a first year wrestler and just competed in her second tournament this past weekend. She double bracketed and brought home two 3rd place medals.

Cierra shows heart and drive every time she steps on the mat and sets a good example for everyone in the room.

Good job Cierra! Keep up the hard work!

Coach Rod



Please join me in congratulating Christopher Roddenberry for earning this weeks “Warrior of the Week”.

Christopher is a first year wrestler and has the heart of a lion. Most of his matches haven’t gone his way but he battles and fights his heart out until the very end each and every match.

Christopher may not always come off the mat with his hand raised but he makes dang sure every one of his opponents earns their win.

Congratulations Christopher! And as long as you continue to fight, learn, and wrestling with the heart you have, the wins will come all by themselves. I promise. 

Keep up the hard work.
Coach Rod